Why Self-Efficacy Is Important For Survival

When you feel like you are bullied, they don’t feel like they are bullying. It is difficult to convince the others someone else’s false actions. You might think of law suite and forever bye-bye would bring you happiness you wanted, but the challenge will follow you around not the happiness you desire. Here is the holistic view point and strategy for survival.

Plug Out From The Reality - The reality is made with your own internal world that is changeable. To tap into your source power, plug out so that you don't get attached to the satisfactory feelings from potential revenge and fighting back.

Know That Something Is Not Working - It could be the way you see yourself, how you see others and things, your approaches, or what you believe that generalize your situations and restricts you from something you might be doing otherwise.

Learn About Yourself - Do you believe that you are not valued and you need others to compliment you or is that your culture? Do you believe that doing certain things just by yourself will make others compliment you or is that your culture? Are you used to people coming up to you and without it you feel sad? Get deeply connected to you and start loving who you are.

Give More Space For Your Unique Sole - Your soul is free and your uniqueness is the world's treasure. Give him/her a good space to sit in, and start designing and building your own paradise believing that you have everything already.

Be Nice To You First - Does it sound selfish? See how harsh you are to you. Be nice and caring to you, because you are the creator of the world you live in. It is essential to be happy to be able to be nice to others. You don't have to have much money to give money if you are independently happy just by yourself.

Usually in a pure survival, a person would run away from dangerous situations or choose to fight against the threats. It is not the same in the environment where people aren’t considered to be going through “survival”. There are common principals to follow among multiple people in organizations, and sometimes those are extended to what is inside - personality, morality, mindset, etc., to make it educational and fair to everyone. Or it has to. Similarly, your mindset and thinking patterns are formed from the consequences in the past of the information in your genes. And, your development and growth is different from other people just like your personality. These internal and outer limitations in your situations can be the trigger or even the factor of bully. If you believe in something strict to yourself, it might be a good timing to try to open up for something that fits you so that you can grow not suffer. If you believe in something and you know that the rules make it difficult for you, eventually you would need to fight against it to help you out from the situations. The limitations are underlying beneath your thoughts that come out of your month frequently “I wish I don’t have to ….”, “I wish I am like ….”, because you believe in what you can’t. There might be a way to do stuff, and if you are the owner of your own dream, there should be the way to be there just for you. It is you yourself who need you more than anything you might be believing in that can be hindering you at the same time. It is not the other people but you who deserves your own wholeheartedly sincere and beautiful love. It is not usually the difference itself but the judgement around it that hurts. In other to get over it, first we should secure a comfortable space for our soul to exist with the uniqueness and from there, we can design and build our own paradise.

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