Connected Age and Personal Branding

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Personal branding is now very popular among many people - not just because of the social media trending for a long time but also because of the higher self-expression nowadays people are able to achieve. What is new about personal branding in the connected age and what shall we be careful and how shall we do? I came to realize that it has a lot to do with the amazing technology revolutions and human brains connecting people altogether or awakening people to realize they are really connected.

In order for human beings to be who they are and to express themselves in the way that the world will accept or that they will contribute to the world through their expressions, it is essential for them to be well-developed as individuals. The connections we feel now thanks to social media and technology is not just because of them, but because of their visualization of how people are connected from the beginning. In fact it is no doubt that we are all one no matter how hard we try to differentiate ourselves for the convenience of economic competitions, or even to survive, if we think about the root of our genes and how we were zero when the universe just got born. Beyond the time axis, we are diverse and also one, which means that we are here to express what each of us has as a unique point. As said in Yoga world that our souls are just like onions - we can only keep peeling and we just keep transforming, by trying to achieve our higher life purpose, we can only get close to who we really are. And that onion peeling is personal development that makes you far too greater than your original yourself. By becoming your original yourself, you contribute more to the world showing what the universe has as a new treasure to the world in you.

To back up the above theory, there is another study about brain unconsciousness actually being connected across anyone for real. If you have ever felt like you feel the same with other people around you even though you are not from the place you live nor you agree with them, the possibilities are that your unconsciousness has been merged into the ones around you and has lost its identity. This means that what you have thought you had been turned out to be just a part of you at a certain mind stage, and in order to get closer to real you, it is something that you can leave and choose not to carry with you as something that represents yourself.

So what shall we do about personal branding in this age? The answer is simple - be authentic and be more you than anyone else. Just like how digital revolutions have proved that the world is connected and can be transformed to be something greater, there should be more and more revolutions that would make the branding more authentic. For example, we have a few "what's cool now" examples in our heads, and we try to be the same - you first try to steal the technics and then go too far to even imitate some of them. You might not feel strange to do so now, but the history tells me that the time will prove that what is not truthful or authentic would not have as strong influence as it used to do. The moment you are far more you than you could ever imagined, that is when you feel "cool" about yourself and I believe that such attitude will create our future more strongly than the existing method to try to fit "cool" recipe.

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