How To Escalate Actions To Align With The Greater Goals For Business Acceleration

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Often it is difficult to have the short-term success and the long-term success at the same time as one can contradict the other. It is even so in the daily life routine, such as dish washing and dog walking. When your long term goal is to live a happy life with the better quality, you are chased by the time lines of the multiple works you do. While you try to do good jobs, you might end up exhausting yourself with the overwhelming jobs which are getting you the feeling of doing good jobs with not much desired benefit.

In the scene of the advanced marketing field, while the direct marketing should aim to increase more leads and visitors, and as it is well-designed in the modern eco-system created by the planners, the marketing effort can be too focused to increase more numbers. Like the publicity, before the social media era, anything that can be seen by the public used to be treated with more sensitive care. Too aggressive messaging and direct marketing could ruin the long-term branding that the brand is aiming to achieve.

The easy way to have these two align with each other is like the team management, to have them a common goal, which is usually similar to the long-term success. While these two look like they are two different thins, they should be in the same verticals of the concepts that the company mission covers. For example, your todo lists has something like, to analyze your business plan. Why you do it is because you would like to improve it. This is usually what regular minds can automatically reach. Two phases. However, if you aim to have your lower level lists to be escalated so that they can be always align with the greater goals, your actions will be aligned to them, too. For example, by improving your business plan, you are planning to meet more investors, so that you can accelerate your business, so that your business can actually achieve what you are planning it to, so that you can enhance the world and your quality of life. Now by going backwards from "to enhance the world and your quality of life", your business plan analysis can be done more effectively.

Likewise, your social tactics and strategy can also be escalated upwards to see if they are aligned with your business and your business purpose. If you are a business owner, you can check if they are aligned to your dream vision, too. By constantly have yourself and your action aligned to your goals, you can quickly let go of the actions, plans and thoughts that don't make sense to them.

The market changes everyday with the thoughts and actions of people. While there is a huge news occupying the big space in all the nationwide newspaper, there are news that were to be written in there in the parallel world. While media tries to catch all the eyeballs, it is also important to think how you can connect your thoughts and ideal visions to people's hearts and minds that are exposed to the constant change of the world.

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