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I am a diplomatic, creative-minded, ambitious strategist with a mission to empower brands  with business consulting and marketing services. I have multiple experiences of handling global accounts in the creative industry where I learned the difficulties and know-how to solve complicated issues that global business and marketing were facing. In this constantly changing transformation, digital, diversity and connected era, the jobs do not stay the same or within the range of the regular duties.  The silos get bigger because of the pressure, changes and tight deadlines, etc., and each department, function and discipline requires well experienced "interpreters" that understand both ends. The marketing challenge is endless,  but creativity brings about the infinite possibilities. Despite the massive influence of the artificial intelligence and technology innovation invading into the human work territory, I always feel that the results rely a lot on each individual.  And chemistries and magic still count. 


I believe that my broader understanding about today's globalism and relative issues that lie in business and marketing, ability to connect the dots and build hypothesis and solutions to solve problems, in combination with good accuracy achieved by my in-depth analysis and an eye for detail, enable the clients to accomplish their brand missions and even to rise above the vision with creativity.  The meaningful changes are the results of consistent hard-work, superior strategies, utmost creativity and hands-on approaches. Power of humans and the new marriage with the technologies will shine and bloom with the understanding of the systematic side of human nature and the ability to connect to the power of creativity.

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I help companies and individuals with their brand values, business performances and marketing activities.

Throughout my career, I spent time trying to understand people and communications. Thanks to my past experiences and academic background, I gained the deeper understanding in human emotions, cultural differences and intellect around human behaviors in various different fields. There might be the "textbooks" of marketing but to get the real result, doing the right thing that work, I think, is only the half way up there. Especially in these "mash-up" and "collaboration" age, the superior understandings in above fields meant a lot. And to get ahead of the other competitors, the comprehensive understandings of the broader area of the business, and the good usage of them would lead to the higher level creativity.

Marketing is significantly important as what is inside. It boosts up the productivity through internal communication, on top of the uplifted marketing results affective many different aspects of the business itself.  It gives the world more opportunities to learn about the products and the services at the right timing, and not only that, it helps building motivation, awareness, esteem, pride, loyalty, affinity, stimulation and the market demand itself. 

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